Durango Trails Rx

Durango Trails Rx

Your prescription to the outdoors.

Hit the trails. Challenge yourself. Repeat!

Welcome to the Durango Trails Rx!

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Athlete % Complete Segments Completed Primary Form of Activity
Douglas Jansen 18% Log Chutes | Molas Pass Biking
Monica De Vera Hiking, Biking
Bret S. Biking
Travis B. 9% Missionary Ridge Biking
Lizzie K. Hiking
Dan H. Hiking, Biking
Rusty C. 9% Missionary Ridge Hiking
Kathryn B. 18% Horse Gulch 2 | Grandview Biking
Beata S. 9% Missionary Ridge Hiking
Diane T. 9% Horse Gulch 1 Biking
Jackie Z. 9% Animas Mountain Hiking, Biking
Jim M. 18% Missionary Ridge | Coal Bank Biking
Aaron Moore Biking
Barb Brazes Biking
Karis M. 9% Horse Gulch 1 Hiking, Running
Grace M. Hiking, Biking
Abigail F. Hiking
Jeff Fox Biking
Rick R. Hiking, Biking
Ted C. Biking

Your prescription to the outdoors is a 17 day trail challenge! Challenge yourself to see how many of Durango’s trails you can complete between now and October 5th!

The Durango Trails Rx is an opportunity for runners, walkers and mountain bikers to experience the vast array of trails that Durango Trails has spent the last 30 years planning, building and maintaining.

The event is not a race but rather an opportunity to learn about the variety of trails in our area, help promote Share the Trails ethics and realize one’s connection to the outdoors as a way to improve physical, mental and social well-being.

Register to participate, then start checking off the trail segments you complete! We’ll update everyone’s progress every Tuesday and Friday on our leaderboard above. Make sure to have all of your segments completed and checked off by 8:00 am on October 5th!

A dozen segments to complete!

To complete the Durango Trails Rx in full, you’ll need to complete 12 different segments of trails in the following areas: Horse Gulch, Overend, Animas Mountain, Grandview, Dalla Mountain Park, Twin Buttes, the Colorado Trail, Log Chutes, Missionary Ridge, Coal Bank, and Molas Pass.

Once you register, you’ll receive the list of specific segments to complete!

How does it work ?

Be sure to regularly check back here to see the leaderboard and track your progress!

Shoutout to our generous sponsor!

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