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Notes: USFS Roads are delayed to opening with the amount of snow. Roaring Fork is now open to snowline. Echo Basin, Cherry and Chicken Creek now open. La Plata Canyon gate now open but only drivable up to Lewis where there are several slides.

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USFS Roads

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USFS Roads

The San Juan National Forest’s seasonally closed roads schedule follows.

The Dolores and Pagosa Ranger District Recreation staff have been assessing roads this spring and opening as conditions allow.

The Columbine Ranger District will begin opening most low elevation roads May 1st.

The San Juan National Forest will continue to monitor road conditions; upper elevation and backcountry roads will be opened June 1st or as conditions permit. 

Please remember, that the roads are multi-use and to go slow when passing bikers and hikers so as not to throw gravel or put them at risk. 

Road Name FR Number Status Open (Weather Dependent)
Elbert Creek 581 Closed TBD
Endlich Mesa 597 Open 5/1
Haviland Lake / Chris Park 671 / 791 Open 5/1
Hermosa Park
Mile 0.4 - 8.7
Mile 8.7-25.3 (Bolam Pass)



Hotel Draw 550 Closed TBD
Junction Creek
Mile 3.5-10.9
Past 10.9



La Plata Canyon County Rd 124 Open 5/1
Little Molas Lake Closed 6/1
Lower Hermosa 576 Open 5/1
Middle Mountain 724 Closed 6/1
Missionary Ridge past Mile 5.7 682 Closed 6/1

Roads are closed seasonally to wheeled motorized vehicles to protect critical wildlife habitat and/or to prevent damage to road surfaces. Closures offer wildlife herds forage, shelter, and protection from disturbance over the winter and into early spring, when animals are most vulnerable.

Seasonal closures also prevent damage to road surfaces during freezing and thawing periods, even if snow levels are not very deep.  Spring conditions are variable, and visitors should be prepared to encounter system roads that are impassable due to snow drifts, waterlogged roadbeds, down trees, or other debris. Visitors are asked to stay off wet roads and respect road closures, which will decrease long-term and costly damages to the roadway.

When visiting the national forest, please follow Leave No Trace principals and to get the most out of your experience, visit the Know Before You Go website. The Recreate Responsibly Coalition also offers guidelines and tips for getting outside and staying healthy while practicing responsible outdoor recreation and wildfire prevention activities.


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