Durango Area 14ers

Nearby 13ers and 14ers

All photos by Thomas Holt Ward & Debra Van Winegarden

From trails to scrambles, hiking in Southwestern Colorado is as diverse as the topography.

An entire lifetime of exploration awaits from in-town Durango to every point of the compass.
With the rugged La Plata Mountains to the west, the astounding San Juan Mountains to the north and east, and the Colorado Plateau to the southwest, you
can follow a trail in any direction.

In the San Juans, there are twelve peaks over 14,000 feet and 250 ranked thirteeners. The mountains are protected by six designated wilderness areas including the Weminuche, Colorado’s largest wilderness area.

In the La Platas, sometimes considered Durango’s private mountain range, there are 26 ranked summits, including five over 13,000 feet. Centennial Peak (described below) is a
favorite first thirteener for many.

Trails would quickly fall into disrepair and even disappear without maintenance by Durango Trails volunteers and state and federal agencies: Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, and San Juan National Forest.

Do your part by sharing the love: respect winter wildlife closures, toss a tree limb off of the trail, leave no trace (not even your dog’s), and never cut a switchback.

Information courtesy of Earthline: The American West

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Know Before You Go

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A comprehensive, up-to-date information resource for 14ers (and 13ers too) with step-by-step instructions on all route options, GPS tracking, difficulty, route photos, current trip reports, trailhead access, and time required to summit. 

Durango’s hiking club for seniors over fifty. Volunteers lead hikes varying from strolls on the Animas River Trail to challenging scrambles over long distances. Founded in 1998, the club has over 500 members.

The San Juan Mountains Association assists the San Juan National Forest and Bureau of Land Management in providing stewardship, education and interpretation of public lands in Southwest Colorado.

A complete hiking and climbing guide to all the peaks in the La Plata range plus favorite hikes in Durango, Silverton, and the San Juan Mountains.

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