Your role in stewardship is instrumental to the success of our area lands. Stewardship goes hand in hand with recreation. Our responsibility to the outdoors includes a sense of conservationism and Durango Trails believes the ethic of stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado states: Colorado’s outdoors face many ongoing challenges:

  • Shrinking budgets for land management agencies
  • Environmental stressors
  • Population and development pressures
  • Increasing use and sometimes overuse of these lands by the public
  • Conflicting needs of public land users

The combination of these challenges creates a need
for our attention and community participation to ensure our public lands
are protected and cared for.

The good news is that our communities care deeply about Colorado’s outdoors and are willing to help. Every year, volunteers care for habitats, restore burn areas, build and maintain trails, preserve historic structures, plant trees, restore wetlands and streams, educate youth and adults about the environment, act as trail ambassadors, live as campground hosts, staff visitor centers and much, much more. If each person who used the trails also donated their time and financially donated to give back to the trails, it would have a tremendously positive impact for habitats on our community.

Durango Trails is involved in a statewide effort to measure and improve stewardship efforts in Colorado. Read more here: The Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition – a partnership of stewardship organizations and land management agencies working to elevate the awareness and importance of public engagement in caring for Colorado’s outdoors in a hands-on way.

Learn more about the steps you can take to protect your trails here.


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