Protect Your Trails

Durango is home to over 300 miles of trail within 30 minutes of historic downtown. They didn’t just happen. Durango Trails, land managers and our community have spent time planning and developing our outdoor recreation network to accommodate access near town.

Your role in the conservation of the trails comes down to the same role you have in building our community. All of our trail networks will be sustained, preserved and enjoyed based on how we come together to support and protect this important community value. 

Please be considerate of other trail users; please follow Leave No Trace principles; please participate in Trailwork; and please give back to each trail experience you have by contributing to Durango Trails to help us further sustain your area trails. 

Great Communities Build Great Trails and Great Trails Build Great Communities!

Support the trails that connect you to the outdoors

Trails are the cornerstone of our community and the gateway to the outdoors.

Help support our work so you can continue to connect to the outdoors by giving to Durango Trails!