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TrailKids Curriculum

All programs are offered free of cost for all middle school students in the Durango area. Each course is offered in three different formats:

  1. Spring snow format: This option is a multi-day program, consisting of a 60 minute, hands-on lesson inside in the classroom during snowy months when trailwork is not possible. Later in the spring semester when temperatures rise, educators will plan a half day of trailwork outside to complement the indoor lesson.
  2. Half day format: This option consists of a half-day, hands-on lesson outside in the morning or afternoon (to be determined prior to class by TrailKids instructor and teacher).
  3. Full day format: This option consists of a hands-on lesson in morning and trailwork in the afternoon, both outside. Trail conditions must not be muddy, snowy, icy, or frozen (colder than 32 degrees).

Locations of courses offered outside will be determined in advance by the teacher and TrailKids educators depending on proximity to the school and where trailwork is needed. Transportation costs may be covered via an online grant application.

For more information, download the TrailKids Brochure.


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Seasonal Lessons:

6th Grade, Spring

7th Grade, Spring

7th Grade, Fall

8th Grade, Spring

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