Black Hole Loop Biking

Trail Length
0.7 miles
Distance from Durango
33 miles
80 ft
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Black Hole Loop

Durango to TH

33 Miles


80 Feet



Trail Length

0.7 Miles

Part of the Alien Run Trail System.

The Black Hole Loop is a 0.2-mile difficult loop within the Alien Run Trail System and is a popular mountain bike ride in the Four Corners area. This loop is accessed from the main Alien Run loop and is slightly more difficult terrain. This loop is primarily used as a biking route.

From the Black Hole Loop, you can re-access the main Alien Run loop and eventually meet back with the parking area.

The three stacked loops of the Alien Run Trail System offer a variety of riding for everyone. Trails flow through smooth dirt arroyos, traverse along slickrock cliffs, and session through natural technical features.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 36.879294, -107.862297

Where's the Trailhead?


Alien Run Trailhead

From 9th Street and Main Avenue in Durango, head west on 9th Street toward Camino Del Rio. Turn left onto Camino Del Rio/ Hwy 550. After 4.7 miles turn right to stay on Hwy 550, and continue for 25 miles. Before reaching the town of Aztec, NM, turn left onto Road 2651. After 1.8 miles, turn right at an intersection. After 0.6 miles turn left onto another road which will lead to the main trailhead for Alien Run. All of these roads are well service roads that will be messy in wet weather.


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