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Trail Length
2.4 miles
Distance from Durango
1 miles
355 ft
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Powerline Trail

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running, Winter Recreation
Durango to TH

1 Miles


355 Feet




Trail Length

2.4 Miles

Part of the Fort Lewis College trail system.

Powerline Trail can be accessed either from Horse Gulch Road or Chapman Hill Ice Rink off Florida Road.

To access from Chapman Hill parking lot (off Florida Road in Durango), climb the trail that begins from the east end of the parking lot and climb somewhat steeply up the switchbacks. At your first junction, take a right onto the Rim Trail. Ride/hike southwest on the Rim Trail for several miles. Fort Lewis College is on your left and the City of Durango is below you on your right. Carefully cross the paved road and rejoin the trail on the other side. The trail runs along a creek here for a short while and then climbs up to a bit of an open area. The trail is a bit confusing here, but bear south by southeast and you will find the trail again descending down to another paved road, which is Goeglein Gulch Road.

Rejoin the trail on the other side and climb up a short section to a trail junction. This is Powerline Trail; take a left here and stay on the obvious wide singletrack running behind the Skyridge Subdivision. After a mile or two, the trail dumps out onto a road that immediately forks. Take the right hand fork up the hill toward the water tank. Before reaching the water tank, a singletrack will dive off the road to your left. Take this singletrack, the Skyridge Connector, down toward the neighborhood below.

After about a mile of flowy descending, the trail will terminate in a cul-de-sac. Directly across from where you exited Skyridge Connector, and slightly to your right, you will see a gravel road. Ride this gravel road about an 1/8th of a mile and keep an eye out for the singletrack that shoots off to the right near the end of the road. Take this singletrack, the Ball Lane Connector, down to Ball Lane and take a right there. At the bottom of Ball Lane, take a left onto Florida Road and either ride several miles back to the Chapman Hill parking lot where your ride started or make a stop at Bread (at the corner of Florida Rd. and CR 250). Total ride length approximately 10 miles.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.280789, -107.852612

Where's the Trailhead?


Chapman Hill Parking Area

From 9th Street and Main Avenue in Durango, head east on 9th Street toward Fort Lewis College mesa. Take a left hand turn on East 3rd Avenue and continue on 3rd Avenue. At the three-way intersection with Florida Road, veer right onto Florida Road and continue straight through the roundabout at Chapman Hill. Shortly after, turn right into the Chapman Hill Parking Lot.


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