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Trail Length
4.7 miles
Distance from Durango
37 miles
2100 ft
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Deer Creek Trail

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running
Durango to TH

37 Miles


2100 Feet



Trail Length

4.7 Miles

Part of the High Country Trails System.

Deer Creek Trail is a scenic trail which parallels Deer Creek just off of Highway 550. Deer Creek trail is a difficult, 4.6-mile trail that climbs steadily toward Jura Knob to meet Coal Creek, then Engineer Mountain Trail. The trail gains over 2,100 feet to its intersection on Coal Creek Trail, and is often used as a technical downhill biking trail to Highway 550.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.722053, -107.779715

Where's the Trailhead?


Roadside Parking Area near Deer Creek (Highway 550)

Molas Pass Trailhead

Cascade Creek Parking Area

Access # 1: Roughly 36 miles north of Durango on U.S. Highway 550, there is a tight right-hand turn with a pull-off area near Deer Creek. This parking area is unmarked and easy to drive past. This trail is often used as an ending-point for a downhill bike route from Engineer Mountain Trail or Coal Creek Trail, with many cars shuttled here for bikers.


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