Mood Swings Trail Biking

Trail Length
2.9 miles
Distance from Durango
49 miles
240 ft
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Mood Swings Trail

Durango to TH

49 Miles


240 Feet



Trail Length

2.9 Miles

Photo Courtesy of John Geronimo

Part of the Road Apple Trails System.

This new trail connects Anasazi and Kinsey and Rigor Mortis. It’s more fun ridden north to south as it peels off of Rigor Mortis just before the parking lot and connects to Anasazi at the road crossing. It is marked with many BLM signs and flags, very easy to follow. Rolls up and down hills with lots of corners, some sand, and loose cobbles until it really gets packed in, but not bad. –MtbProject Description.

Road Apple Trail is rolling singletrack, which starts on top of Kinsey Ridge. To the southeast, you can see the Navajo Reservoir and beyond, while to the north, you have an amazing view of the La Plata Peaks. This trail is so good, Ned Overend says it is his favorite trail!

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 36.820554, -108.148105

Where's the Trailhead?


Road Apple Trails Parking Area

From 9th Street and Main Avenue in Durango, head west on 9th Street toward Camino Del Rio. Turn right to stay on Highway 550 and continue for 31 miles and continue onto NE Aztec Blvd. Continue onto NM-516. Turn right onto Pinion Hills Blvd. Turn right onto College Blvd. Turn right once more onto Hood Mesa Trail and a parking area will be to your left.


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