San Juan Huts



For over thirty years the faces behind San Juan Hut Systems have been offering “hut-to-hut” backcountry tours into the most remote and wild regions of the Southwest. From the high mountains near Telluride, Ouray & Durango to the slick rock of Moab, they’ve developed a network of singletrack trails and routes supported by 16 isolated mountain huts.

The San Juan Hut System’s mission is to provide low-impact, human-powered, lightweight backcountry sports adventure for the independent health-conscious traveler at a practical price.

Their winter hut system offers over 60 miles of cross country trails and access to phenomenal remote backcountry skiing. You are unlikely to cross another’s tracks. The San Juan Mountains present tremendous snow quality and first descent possibilities.

Their two 215 mile mountain bike routes provide a premium minimalist experience for the do it yourself adventurer. With the only destination hut-to-hut based system in the US, we take the weight out of bike touring by offering fully stocked huts and minimal route finding challenges.

Their most recent development is a system of hiking huts which provide hikers, hunters, and runners incredible access to remote terrain with light loads.

Check out this article in the Washington Post about San Juan Hut Systems.

Information courtesy of San Juan Hut Systems

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