Animas River Trail BikingHikingPaved/E-Bike Friendly

Trail Length
7.1 miles
Distance from Durango
0 miles
337 ft
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Animas River Trail

Biking, Hiking, Paved/E-Bike Friendly
Durango to TH

0 Miles


337 Feet




Trail Length

7.1 Miles

Animas River Trail




The Animas River Trail (ART), a hard surface shared-use path, is a very enjoyable paved trail great for all ages and skill levels. Running through the heart of Durango, it is the centerpiece of Durango’s overall trail system and a transportation backbone for the community.

The concrete/asphalt trail stretches over 7 miles through town along the beautiful Animas River. It provides easy access to a variety of parks, open spaces and natural surface trails as well as the community recreation center, the public library, downtown Durango, neighborhoods and schools. It crosses 8 bridges, 4 underpasses, and 1 tunnel to the south end of the city limits without crossing a single street. Future plans call for a multi-use hard-surface trail extended along Highway 160 on the south end of town.

The Animas River Trail is perfect for casual walkers and runners, as well as quick in-town bike rides or family cruises. The Animas River Trail also provides easy river access for fishing, rafting, or kayaking.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.281121, -107.874305

Where's the Trailhead?


The path runs along the Animas River, with various points of access. The north end of this popular trail is the intersection of the 32nd Street and East 3rd Avenue, and the southern end is at River Road, south of Escalante Drive. You can also park to access the Animas River Trail at Santa Rita Park, Schneider Park on Roosa Avenue, Memorial Park at West 12th Street (behind the Durango Fire Station), Rotary Park at the intersection of East 15th Street and East 2nd Avenue, the Durango Rec Center at 2700 Main Avenue, and at the intersection of East 29th Street and East 3rd Avenue.


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Greet all trail users by saying hi when passing on the trail.

Announce Yourself

Say "on your left" as approaching other trail users from behind.

Pick Up After Yourself

Pick up after yourself and your pet. Please don’t litter.

Keep Dogs on a Leash

Keep your dogs on a leash or leave them at home. Off-leash dogs are not allowed on City Open Space and are the number one source of trail conflict.

Stay on the Trail

Help protect natural areas and habitats by staying on established trails. Creating "social trails", cutting switchbacks, or ignoring trail closures leads to greater erosion and impacts on ecosystems.

Give Uphill Traffic the
Right of Way

Uphill traffic always has the right of way. Downhill traffic must be in control, especially around blind corners, to avoid coming in contact with uphill traffic.

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