Walls Gulch Bridge Trail BikingHiking

Trail Length
5.5 miles
Distance from Durango
15 miles
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Walls Gulch Bridge Trail

Biking, Hiking
Durango to TH

15 Miles



Trail Length

5.5 Miles

Part of the Colorado Trail (High Country) system.

Walls Gulch Bridge Trail is near the iconic Colorado Trail in Southwest Colorado. Walls Gulch Bridge can be accessed from Lewis Creek Road in La Plata Canyon and is an out-and-back which spans near the foot of Baldy Knob for approximately 11 miles roundtrip.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.386767, -107.976551

Where's the Trailhead?


Parking Area near Lewis Creek Road in La Plata Canyon

Note: this drive may require 4WD and can be difficult to access, especially in the spring run-off season.

From 9th Street and Main Avenue in Durango, head west on 9th Street toward Highway 550 (Camino Del Rio) and take a left onto Camino Del Rio. At the intersection of Highway 550 and Highway 160, take a right to continue onto Highway 160 West.

Continue on Highway 160 West for 11 miles, then take a right onto CR 124 at Kennebec Cafe. Continue on CR 124 for 9.3 miles until you see an intersecting dirt road (Lewis Creek Road) to your right. Take this right-hand turn and continue along Lewis Creek Road for a few miles until the road obviously switchbacks.

After the 3rd switchback, park your car in the area on the right side of the road; Walls Gulch Trail will intersect the right-hand (southern) side of the road.


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