Colorado Trail System (High Country) BikingHiking


Notes: 6.10.21 Snow still remains on upper CT

Trail Length
500 miles
Distance from Durango
43 miles
89354 ft
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Colorado Trail System (High Country)

Biking, Hiking
Durango to TH

43 Miles


89354 Feet



Trail Length

500 Miles

The iconic Colorado Trail stretches 500 miles from Denver to its terminus in Durango and is one of the state’s great recreational assets. The trail travels at high elevations through the spectacular Rocky Mountains and traverses craggy peaks, alpine lakes, and creeks amongst diverse ecosystems. The trail’s thru travelers experience six wilderness areas, pass through eight mountain ranges and top out at 13,271 feet, just above Coney Summit.

The average elevation of the Colorado Trail is over 10,300 feet and users traveling from Denver to Durango will clock 89,354 feet of elevation gain. The trail ends only three short miles from Durango’s city limits, allowing easy access from town. The Colorado Trail near Silverton has popular high elevation routes for mountain biking and hiking. Road access to the trail in this section is remote and 4WD, but many long loops are possible.


Maintenance of Colorado’s premier long-distance trail is undertaken by teams of volunteers who caretake sections. Durango Trails 2000 adopts the longest section in the state – rugged singletrack from Champion Venture Road (near Kennebec Pass) to the town of Durango. To learn more about the Colorado Trail or the primary entity responsible for its upkeep, visit the Colorado Trail Foundation.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.331364, -107.902931

Where's the Trailhead?


Molas Pass Parking Lot

To access the Colorado Trail (High Country), take Highway 550 North from Durango for 42 miles. Turn right at Molas Lake and park in the Molas Lake Parking Lot.

To access the Colorado Trail (Lower), park at the Junction Creek Parking Lot.


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Colorado Trail at Molas Pass

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