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Notes: 06.03.23 NOTE: Junction Creek Trail will be closed on 6/1 and 6/2 for crews to safely remove a tree from across the trail (approx 1.5 mi up the trail from JC trailhead).

Trail Length
4.1 miles
Distance from Durango
5 miles
1457 ft
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Colorado Trail at Junction Creek

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running, Winter Recreation
Durango to TH

5 Miles


1457 Feet



Trail Length

4.1 Miles

Photo by Scott Smith

Part of the Lower Colorado Trail system.

Colorado Trail at Junction Creek

The Colorado Trail at Junction Creek is one of the best trails in the Durango area, great for both hiking and biking, and perfect for most skill levels. The trail is lovely in all seasons, with access to picturesque Junction Creek and its shallow pools in the summer; surrounding canopies of golden leaves in the fall; and snowshoeing and fat biking in the winter.

From the trailhead, you’ll start out on a nice, flat trail that follows Junction Creek. When you reach the bridge, you will have gone about 2.5 miles (if you are a beginner, the bridge is a good goal). After this, the trail begins some steep switchbacks and eventually winds its way up to Gudy’s Rest, which has a sitting spot and nice view of Durango.

Colorado Trail from High Point to Gudy’s

After Gudy’s Rest (along the Colorado Trail), you can turn left to head down Hoffheins and loop back around from Dry Fork, back to the Colorado Trail. Or continue straight and make it to High Point and come on back down. A roundtrip ride to High Point on a bike is 4-5 hours. Gudy’s Rest can be accessed from Junction Creek Trailhead or Dry Fork.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.352039, -107.92899

Where's the Trailhead?


Junction Creek Trailhead

To access Junction Creek Trailhead from downtown Durango, head north on Main Avenue/Hwy 550 and take a left hand turn at 25th Street (by the Exxon). The road will wind through a subdivision and continue on to a country road. Follow this until you cross a cattle guard and park your car in the parking lot.


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