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Notes: snow covered

Trail Length
11 miles
Distance from Durango
35 miles
2500 ft
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Dutch Creek Trail

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running
Durango to TH

35 Miles


2500 Feet



Trail Length

11 Miles

Part of the Hermosa Creek Trail System.

Jones Creek / Pinkerton-Flagstaff / Dutch Creek Loop: To access the Jones Creek / Pinkerton-Flagstaff / Dutch Creek Loop from the trailhead parking area near the bathroom, backtrack on Lower Hermosa Road. Jones Creek Trail starts several hundred yards up the road on your right.

Climb Jones Creek Trail for about 5 miles where it enters a grassy meadow in a stand of aspens. Turn left here onto Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail and continue climbing along the ridge. You will encounter several hike-a-bike sections if you are mountain biking this loop.

This section along the ridge is about 4-5 miles long and it will take you some time. In a heavy aspen treed area the trail joins with Dutch Creek Trail. Turn left here and downhill. Dutch Creek Trail is a mostly downhill trail that runs along the creek and through lots of aspen groves and creek crossings.

The final 1/2 mile of Dutch Creek Trail includes a hefty climb before a fast descent and a connection with Hermosa Creek Trail. Turn left on Hermosa Creek Trail and ride 4 miles back to the trailhead and the start of your ride. Ride length is approximately 19 miles.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.554193, -107.844715

Where's the Trailhead?


Southern Hermosa Creek Access

Northern Hermosa Creek Access

To access Hermosa Creek Southern parking area: From Durango, take highway 550 North from Town and turn left at Hermosa Park Road. Cross the railroad tracks and follow up the road to the southern Hermosa Creek Trailhead located about 4 miles up Lower Hermosa Road which starts near the railroad track crossing in the small town of Hermosa north of Durango. Find the trail heading north near the junction of several dirt roads near the parking area.


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