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Notes: 10.29.20

Trail Length
105 miles
Distance from Durango
35 miles
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Hermosa Area Trail System

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running
Durango to TH

35 Miles




Trail Length

105 Miles

The Hermosa Creek trails connect you to a variety of high country routes from Jones Creek to Pinkerton or upper Hermosa to Bolam Pass or Hotel Draw. There are several route options including an out-and-back on the singletrack portion of Hermosa Creek Trail.

The main trail is very obvious. You will see several trail junctions along the way, but the main Hermosa Creek Trail is always the most well-worn route. The “out” portion is 12.7 miles of rolling terrain and gentle climbing and turns around at the Dutch Creek Trail junction. Don’t make the rookie mistake believing Hermosa Creek is all downhill from Purgatory; it’s not.

In 2018, the 416 Fire heavily-impacted the Hermosa area and its trails. Please contact us or see a current trail conditions report of this area before planning your adventure.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.630049, -107.915570

Where's the Trailhead?


To main access point:

To access Hermosa Road (upper road by Purgatory): Start at Purgatory Resort and park and ride up the road or shuttle to the top parking lot at Hermosa.

To access Hermosa Creek Trail Out & Back:

Take Highway 550 North from Durango and turn left at Hermosa Park Road. Cross the railroad tracks and follow up the road to the southern Hermosa Creek Trailhead located about 4 miles up Lower Hermosa Road, which starts near the railroad track crossing in the small town of Hermosa north of Durango. Find the trail heading north near the junction of several dirt roads near the parking area.


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