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Notes: Terry also reports that Red Creek Trail mostly dry with a couple of patches of snow.

Trail Length
4.4 miles
Distance from Durango
10 miles
2100 ft
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Red Creek Trail

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running
Durango to TH

10 Miles


2100 Feet



Trail Length

4.4 Miles

Photo Courtesy of Missy Thompson

Part of the Missionary Ridge trails system.

Red Creek Trail is a moderate 4.4-mile trail that can be accessed from Missionary Ridge Trail or Red Creek Trail. This trail is a popular downhill biking descent from Missionary Ridge as it descends 2,100 feet from the top to the parking area. The Missionary Ridge trail network is an unknown gem even to most locals. There are multiple trailheads that offer a selection of generally snow-free, three-season hikes in the low country. In spring, aspen corridors are carpeted with purple larkspur and sunny dandelion. Spears of lupine and alpine rose fill green glades with sublime fragrance. Look out from the well-earned ridgetop to the La Plata range and the San Juan Mountains. Great review in The Durango Herald.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.368179, -107.747641

Where's the Trailhead?


Drive 4.3 miles on CR 240 east from its junction with East Animas Road, to the first entrance of Durango Hills subdivision. Turn left on paved CR 249 and set your odometer to 0.0. At 0.3 miles, turn left on Nusbaum. At 1.0 miles, go straight on Stagecoach and FS 071. At miles 2.0, turn left and downhill, passing a spur to the right. Follow FS 071 signs to the top. At 2.2 miles, turn right on Silver Mesa Drive, then continue straight on Silver Mesa at 2.6. At 3.0, you’ve reached the trailhead.


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