Trailwork: What to Expect

Volunteers are essential to our efforts to maintain our area trails and we welcome all who are interested in helping protect our trails! We want our trailwork parties to be fun and not intimidating, so if you’re a first time volunteer who isn’t sure what to expect, take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below to learn more.

Do I need to have previous experience?

Not at all! Our Crew Leaders will start each trailwork event with tool and safety talk and explain the work to be completed for the day. We just ask that you be safe, be respectful, help us get some work done, and have fun!

Do I need to be athletic or in good shape?

Trailwork often requires walking or riding to work sites with some sites harder to access than others. Some sites will require more strenuous hiking or mountain biking to reach them, however we will specify if that is the case on the trailwork event listing so you will be well aware before you sign up.

What do I need to wear? Do I need to bring anything?

Please make sure you wear closed-toe shoes or boots, long pants, and a shirt (long or short sleeved). We also recommend you wear a sunhat and sunscreen, as well as eye protection (sunglasses or protective glasses). You may also wish to bring a rain jacket. Always bring a water bottle as well. Durango Trails will provide all tools, instruction, gloves, and water.

What sort of things will I be doing at trailwork?

Trailwork projects range from trail construction with hand tools, trail maintenance projects with hand tools, and general maintenance events. The projects are spelled out when you sign up so you know if you’re doing heavier lifting or not.

If you’d enjoy a long hike to a work site but prefer not to lift any heavy tools, just inform the crew leaders and you will be provided with a lighter weight tool or loppers (for cutting back brush). 

Can I bring my kids to trailwork?

Children over 12 are invited to trailwork with a parent or guardian. Children are not allowed to run around the worksite, but we do hope to encourage a stewardship ethic in our youth and help them to understand the special connection to the outdoors offered in our community.

Can I bring my pet?

Please do not bring your pets to trailwork.

Where do I go to meet for trailwork?

Generally, you will meet Durango Trails crew leaders at a trailhead. All directions and details on where to meet will be provided in the trailwork event listing, so you’ll know exactly where to go when you sign up.

Can I bring a group of people with me?

The more the merrier, but please make sure each individual has signed up through our sign-up portal. If you would like to bring a group of six or more, please click here to learn more about corporate and school groups. Durango Trails can organize a special trail event with your company or group.

How do I sign up for trailwork?

Check out our calendar of upcoming trailwork parties and choose one that looks good to you. Once you click on the event link, you’ll be taken a page with more information about that particular trailwork party and a sign up form. Complete that short form and you’ll be all set!

What is the latest date I can sign up for trailwork? Can I just show up without signing up first?

Our crew leaders prefer you sign up ahead of time, but if your schedule opens up and you can help out last minute, we welcome your support. When you arrive at the work site, check in with a crew leader to learn about the work plan and goals.

How long is a typical trailwork party?

Most trailwork events are 3-4 hours long, but you are welcome to leave early. We welcome all levels of support! Great Communities Build Great Trails and Great Trails Build Great Communities!


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