Elbert Creek, CastleRock and Junction Creek are Open; BurroFire area trails are now open

Effective Friday, August 24th, the closure area for the 416 Fire will shrink to allow public access to areas around the fire. The burned area of the 416 Fire is still closed to all public entry. Hazards are abundant within the fire perimeter; areas are still burning, dead and burned trees are falling, trails are washing out and debris flows are continuing.

The 416 Fire started June 1st and has been burning all summer. The burned area perimeter is mostly within the Hermosa Creek watershed and west of U.S. Highway 550 and is generally bounded on the south side by the Junction Creek Road (NFSR 171) north to and including the Lower Hermosa Road (NFSR 576), then west of, but excluding, the Elbert Creek Road (NFSR 581) and west of the Purgatory Ski Area boundary on the east side of the closure area. Generally bounded on the north by, but excluding, the Hermosa Park Road (NFSR 578) and Hotel Draw Road (NFSR 550) to its intersection with the Scotch Creek Road (NFSR 550.1). Generally bounded on the west and south sides by the Hermosa Creek watershed, excluding the Divide Road (NFSR 564) and Colorado Trail (NFST 520, 553 and 622) for their entirety.

The Junction Creek, Goulding and Elbert Creek roads are now open as are many segments of trails. The main stem of the Hermosa Creek Trail and the Hermosa road and campground are still closed as are many of the trails that are accessed by these roads. The Upper Dutch Creek and Castle Rock trails are now open, but Clear Creek trail and Jones Creek trail remain closed. The following is a description and a map of the roads and trails that are closed along with a map listing the BurroFire area trails that are open, part of Bear Creek trail is washed out by Gold Run but the balance of the area is open. 416FireExhibit_1_AreaClosure_SJ201820_416_FINAL_20180817 Bear CreekTrail Closure Burro Fire (003)

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