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Notes: 06.03.23

Trail Length
Distance from Durango
5 miles
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Grandview Ridge Trail System

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running, Winter Recreation
Durango to TH

5 Miles




Trail Length

The Grandview Ridge trail system is located next to (and connects to) the Horse Gulch trail system. The Grandview Ridge trail system includes several very fun local trails and is easily accessible from downtown Durango. Designed as swoopy, intermediate style multi-use and multi-direction trails, the Grandview Ridge system is perfect for mountain biking, hiking, and trail running.

The Carbon Junction, Crites Connect, Yellow Brick Road, and Rail Road trails within this system are accessible during the winter for fat biking. Family-friendly trails within this system are Water Tank Road, Rail Road, and Gas Well Road.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.223951, -107.856570

Where's the Trailhead?


Carbon Junction Trailhead

Grandview Trails can be accessed at Big Canyon Trailhead or Sale Barn.

To access the Big Canyon Trailhead from downtown Durango, take Highway 550/160 to Dominguez Drive (at the intersection to Walmart) and turn left towards Durango Motor Company. About 100 yards up, park at the designated area for Big Canyon Trailhead.

To get to the Sale Barn parking area from downtown Durango, take Main Avenue (US Hwy 550/160) south to Dominguez Drive (at the intersection to Walmart) and turn left towards Durango Motor Company. At the stop sign intersection, turn right and head south on frontage road. Just before the frontage roach reaches 550/160, turn left onto the dirt road, which leads to the Sale Barn parking lot.

You can also go up and over Telegraph Trail from Horse Gulch into Grandview Trails.


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Happy Hour Trailwork | Telegraph Connect Trail

Join us for trail construction of the Telegraph Connect Trail on Wednesday, June 14th from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Please note, registration is required to join us for trailwork; please click below to register.


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