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Trail Length
1.1 miles
Distance from Durango
2.5 miles
320 ft
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Upper BC & F Trail

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running
Durango to TH

2.5 Miles


320 Feet




Trail Length

1.1 Miles

Part of the Twin Buttes trail system.

Upper BC & F trail follows the old railroad grade in the Twin Buttes area. There is a fun downhill on the backside of the Buttes, which follows the ridgeline then flattens out on the trail’s southern end.

Twin Buttes Trail System has moderate steady climbs, tight banked turns and classic single track. While a popular mountain bike location, it is also a multi-use trail. It is located off Hwy 160 in Durango. There is a dirt parking lot near a gas station on the North side of the road. The main (East) trailhead is here and the second access trail is on Lightner Creek Road (CR 207) which will lead you east towards the main entry.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.279124, -107.922156

Where's the Trailhead?


Trail Parking Lot (near Speedway gas station)

From Durango, go west on Highway 160. After approximately 1.5 miles you’ll see a dirt parking lot near the Speedway gas station on the North side of the road. Turn right into the trailhead parking lot. You can also continue on Hwy 160 to the second access trail which is on Lightner Creek Road (CR 207).


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