Fat Biking

Fat Biking

The biking doesn't end when the snow flies!

In the winter, a whole new world of biking awaits: fat biking! Hit the snowy trails on a fat bike this winter for a whole new outdoor adventure. 

During the winter, many of our regional trails can be accessed via fat bike.

When fat biking, be sure to use wide tires — deep snow coverage may require tires wider than 3.5 inches. Wide tires provide sufficient traction to allow you to safely control your bike and ride in a straight line.

Additionally, tire pressure will often be less than 10 PSI to provide enough floatation to allow you to travel over snow without leaving a rut deeper than one inch.

Best practices for fat biking on groomed nordic trails or snowmobile trails:

  • Only ride at areas that allow and encourage biking.
  • Stay to the far right of the trail and yield to all other users when riding, including snowmobiles.  Skiers don’t have brakes but you do!
  • Leave room for skiers to pass (don’t ride side-by-side in a group if blocking the trail).
  • Ride on the firmest part of the track.
  • Do not ride on or in the classic tracks.
  • Allow the track time to harden after grooming and before riding.
  • Some areas require riding only a purposebuilt fat bike, not any old mountain bike. There may be a minimum tire tread width.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport: stay polite, educate other riders, discourage bad behavior and follow the rules.
  • When riding on snowmobile trails, use a front white blinker and rear red blinker at all times. Wear reflective material on both the front and rear of your body.
  • Be friendly! Fat bikers are the newest trail users. Be courteous and open to suggestions from snowmobile riders.
  • Consider donating to trail grooming and maintenance efforts.

Get Outside

Groomed fat biking trails

Always check the Trail Conditions report for groomed routes. In-town trails can be hard packed by use as we work on gaining permission to groom.

Purgatory Nordic Center

Junction Creek Road

Pagosa Nordic

Boggy Draw

La Plata Canyon

Groomed Snowmobile Routes, including Molas Pass

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