Telluride Valley Floor BikingHikingTrail RunningWinter Recreation

Condition: Closed
Difficulty: ,
Trail Length: 1.75 miles
Distance from Durango: 108 miles
Gain: 150 ft
0 Loves

The Telluride Valley Floor stretches for three miles along the CO-145 spur. This 570-acre forever-wild protected gateway to Telluride features meadows, the San Miguel River, and a year-round activity trail.

Cascade Creek Trail BikingHikingTrail Running

Condition: Poor
Trail Length: 8.1 miles
Distance from Durango: 29 miles
Gain: 835 ft
0 Loves

Cascade Creek follows along the western base of the mountain and often sees less traffic than other popular high-country trails in the area.

Hermosa Creek Trail BikingHikingTrail Running

Condition: Poor
Trail Length: 19.1 miles
Distance from Durango: 35 miles
Gain: 2330 ft
0 Loves

The main Hermosa Creek Trail is always the most well-worn route and sees several junctions in the 12.7-mile one way.

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