When mountain biking and camping intersect, amazing things can happen.

Simply put, bikepacking is the marriage of two trail-lovers’ favorite activities: mountain biking and camping.

Take the freedom of multi-day backcountry backpacking, and add the range and thrill of mountain biking to create one unforgettable adventure.

Bikepacking the San Juan Mountains around Durango gives you the flexibility to explore places less traveled via singletrack trails, gravel, and abandoned dirt roads, all while carrying only the most essential camp gear. 

-Information courtesy of Bikepacking.com

Know Before You Go

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A guide to getting started with bikepacking, including the best bikes to use, necessary gear, and tips for long trips.

A wonderful guide to one of Colorado’s most gorgeous (as well as one of the longest and hardest) bikepacking routes

Get Outside

bikepacking trails

Colorado Pass Trail Wildflowers High Country Trails 2000

Graysill Trail

Graysill Trail spurs from the Colorado Trail (at high country) to Cascade Creek Trail and gains/ascends 1,770 feet in 3 miles.

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West Lime Creek

West Lime Creek Trail (FS #679) follows provides access to a variety of high-country trails, waterfalls, dispersed campsites and excellent views.

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