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Notes: 4.15.21

Trail Length
5 miles
Distance from Durango
2 miles
314 ft
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Dalla Mountain Park Trail System

Biking, Hiking, Trail Running, Winter Recreation
Durango to TH

2 Miles


314 Feet




Trail Length

5 Miles

Dalla Mountain Park is a popular destination for climbing, hiking and mountain biking alike. The area, densely forested and populated by an incredible number of sandstone boulders (some the size of buildings) is well signed.

It is an area known by many names. For climbers attracted to its exceptional bouldering, the southern flank of Animas Mountain was once known as “The Secret Spot.” To hikers and mountain bikers accessing the area’s network of trails, it is often referred to by the name of its neighboring subdivision, “Sailing Hawks.”

But after the City of Durango purchased the 176 acres of space from owner Jake Dalla and permanently preserved it as open space in 2005, it was christened Dalla Mountain Park. The acreage is also boarded on two sides by Bureau of Land Management property, abutting the popular Animas Mountain trail and rolling into the City of Durango on the third side.

Durango Trails was substantial in negotiating the transition of the property and got our hands dirty afterwards helping to make Dalla’s sustainable trail network.

Info to Know

From the trailhead, ride or hike up the road to the end and turn left at the trail sign. Follow this rocky trail over rolling terrain for several miles. From time to time, you’ll enter areas with large boulders where the route finding may seem difficult. There are many spurs off the main trail to climbing areas, but if you continue to parallel the cliff band above you to your right, you’ll find your way. Eventually the trail starts to descend to your left and then begins to loop back. The majority of the trail is rocky, technical terrain.

Map & Directions

Map Coordinates: 37.302908, -107.880077

Where's the Trailhead?


Jacobs Cliff Trailhead

From downtown Durango, head north on Main Avenue/Hwy 550 and take a left hand turn at 25th Street (by the Exxon). The road will wind through a subdivision and continue on to a country road. The trail starts at the bend in Junction Creek, about 500 feet past Junction Lane on the right. Park in the gravel parking lot.


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