Welcome to Durango’s Trails: Tips for Visitors

Welcome to Durango’s trails! Whether you are visiting our area or are simply a new local trail user, we hope you enjoy your time on the trails.

Here in Durango, we believe that trails are the gateway to the outdoors, leading us to amazing outdoor adventures and connecting our community in more ways than one.

Things to know before you hit the trails

Our trail network is divided into four regions (see below for recommended trails in each region):

  • Urban Interface or In-Town trails, known as “Lunch Rides,” are trails that are easily accessed from town, and generally require only an hour or two to complete

  • Mid-Country Trails, or “Mini Adventures,” allow you to experience a half day ride, hike or run in the mid country areas surrounding Durango

  • High Country Trails, or what we like to call the “Hall Pass,” are full day adventures [to explore Molas Pass, Coal Bank and Silverton Area Trails]
  • Regional Trails are those located in the Surrounding Areas of Mancos, Cortez, Moab, Rico, and Telluride usually within a short 2.5 hour drive [like Phils World, Mancos, Cortez, Rico, and Moab area trails]

Our trails are primarily two way; uphill traffic has the right of way. When it comes to mixed-use trails, remember that bikes yield to hikers and horseback riders, and hikers yield to horseback riders.

We are proud of our share the trails ethics. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with proper trail etiquette so that all users can have an enjoyable experience. Remember to say hello when greeted by other trail users!

Be sure to educate yourself on current COVID-19 guidelines as well as all active fire restrictions before setting out.

Welcome to Durango; we look forward to seeing you on the trails! 

Durango Trails is Durango, Colorado’s local non profit trails organization, connecting you to the outdoors. We plan, build and maintain trails; educate trail users; and encourage connectivity on the road, path and trail. If you’ve enjoyed our trails, we encourage you to please consider donating to Durango Trails so we continue our hard work! We also have awesome merchandise to help rep your #DurangoTrailLove!

A good place to start

locals' favorite trails

Urban Interface/In-Town

Biking on the Horse Gulch Trail System near Durango, CO

Horse Gulch Trail System

The Horse Gulch/Telegraph Trail System is the perfect trail system for all levels and user types. Located right in-town, it is a local favorite for hiking and mountain biking, and with so many different connectin

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Surrounding Area

Updated COVID-19 Recreation Guidelines

If you’re seeking best practices while on our area trails, here are suggestions. As of June 2020, the state of Colorado’s COVID-19 restrictions are now labeled as Level 2: “Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors.” While we are all still safer at home, the great outdoors provide a safe space to enjoy our trails and public lands while practicing social distancing. 

  • Limit the group you are recreating with to 10 or fewer people
  • Stay at least six feet away from members of other households unless it is unsafe to do so
  • Wear a mask or face covering when when driving to/from your activity in a shared vehicle 
  • Bring hand sanitizer to clean hands when soap & water is not accessible 
  • If you or anyone in your party is sick or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and reschedule your activity. 
  • You do not need to wear a mask while riding, running, etc. but please be considerate of those around you

In addition to following the above guidelines, please also make sure to follow all local fire restrictions. La Plata County, as well as the surrounding counties of Montezuma, San Juan, and Archuleta, all have active fire restrictions in place. 

With summer visitors in town, as well as a large number of new, local trail users out, please remember to follow “Share the Trails” ethics and proper trail etiquette by announcing yourself, slowing down, communicating with others about how to proceed, and always keeping your dog on a leash. Now is a great time to help educate new trail users to ensure all have a positive experience. Remember, just say “hi”.

Trails are the gateway to the outdoors; please continue to follow all local guidelines and public health orders so we can all continue to enjoy the outdoors together! See you on the trails!

Have you been enjoying our local trails more than usual while quarantined this spring? Please consider donating to Durango Trails so we can continue to build, plan, and maintain the regional trails you love. We also have awesome merchandise to help rep your #DurangoTrailLove!


State of Colorado Safer at Home Guidelines for Personal Recreation 


Before you head out...

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